What is the mp1 macropad?

With the introduction of our mp1 macropad family, we think it is best to provide a detailed breakdown of what makes it such a great platform for both mechanical keyboard novices and enthusiasts. 

Before we dive into the mp1, let's discuss what a macropad is and how they can benefit you.

What is a macropad?

A macropad is a miniature sized keyboard used primarily for performing multi-key functions with the push of a single button. A simple example of this would be assigning a single key the function of ctrl+c or ctrl+v, making copy and pasting possible with the press of one key rather than two. As you can imagine, the assignable functions or macros can be much more complex than a simple copy and paste, allowing for higher efficiency in your day to day workflow.

Who needs a macropad?

Anybody with a computer can benefit from a macropad! Whether you are a digital designer, excel wizard, or internet sleuth, the functionality of a macropad has the potential to greatly increase your workflow efficiency.

So now that we all understand the awesome potentials of a macropad, let's talk about the mp1!

What makes the mp1 macropad any different than other macropads?

This is a good question and one that we deliberated greatly while designing the mp1. To be honest, our macropad is nothing revolutionary in the tech department, but what sets ours apart from others is the high customizability and modularity that comes with the mp1 family. When we began designing the PCB our intentions were that this board should be interchangeable between many different cases so if the user wants to change up their style, they are able to save on the cost and waste of another PCB and just purchase a new case. We are slowly rolling out new cases on our website and hope to grow the options over time. 

The mp1 PCB is equipped with modern day mechanical keyboard standards.
Some of these features include:

  • Hotswappable Kailh sockets
  • Optional FR4 plate for switch stabilization
  • Smooth turn rotary encoder by Bourns
  • Easily programmable with both VIA and VIAL softwares (source code provided as well)
  • USB type-c connectivity

Ideas for mp1 usage:

  • Task manager hotkey
  • Adding a sleep button to a desktop computer
  • Soundboard with different effects
  • Scene changer for streamers
  • Add a volume knob to your computer
  • Use the knob to scroll up/down pages or scrub video timelines
  • Program frequently used CAD keystrokes
  • Media control for music and quick mute button for microphone

The possibilities of the mp1 are truly endless, and we are excited to see what you come up with for your own uses!

Finally, we here at Mecx Labs wanted to thank you all for your continued support. We have devoted hundreds of hours and produced dozens of prototypes of the mp1 and family of cases to ensure we are providing the most high quality products possible to our customers. Everything designed by us is something we use on our own desks, both at home and in the office.


- Mecx Labs

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