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mp1 Framework

mp1 Framework

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The framework model of the mp1 family is a no-frills macropad that maximizes productivity without breaking the bank. The framework uses the same base PCB as all other mp1 macropads, but comes with stylish FR4 top and bottom plates and rubber feet. A colored knob of your choice is also included.

Keycaps and switches are not included.

The PCB comes fully soldered with hotswap sockets and rotary encoder.

USB type-c connectivity. (Cable not included)

The mp1 PCB is VIA and VIAL compatible which allows you to easily change the function of each key by loading this simple JSON file into either application: Layout (Detailed instructions included within the ZIP folder)

All mp1 PCBs arrive pre-flashed, but the firmware and source files are available for download here: Firmware

An in depth look:

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