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mp1 DIY Kit

mp1 DIY Kit

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The mp1 macropad, your way.

This kit is perfect for novice level tinkerers all the way up to advanced makers. Whether you are looking to 3d print your own case, machine it out of metal/wood, or even create your own mold for resin casting, this is the right kit for you! Our only request is that you send us a photo of your cool custom cases!


- mp1 Macropad PCB (VIA + VIAL compatible)

- Mounting hardware (standoffs and m2 screws)

- Bourns smooth turn encoder (PEC11L-4020F-S0020) - Unsoldered

- Kailh hot swap sockets - pre-soldered

- (4) rubber feet - choice of black or clear

- .STL and .STEP files of the case will be available for download after purchase

 Not Included:

- Keycaps

- Switches

- Case

- USB Cable


- 18mm plastic knob

- PCB assembly


SLA, SLS, MJF, and POLYJET are the only 3d print processes that we can recommend for the case due to the importance of dimensional accuracy.


USB type-c connectivity.


The mp1 PCB is VIA and VIAL compatible which allows you to easily change the function of each key by loading this simple JSON file into either application: Layout (Detailed instructions included within the ZIP folder)

All mp1 PCBs arrive pre-flashed, but the firmware and source files are available for download here: Firmware

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